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June Performances

Due to our rich history, our Academy is celebrating our 43rd annual “Evening of Dance”. Started by founder Flora Pigeau, our Show allows all of our dancers the opportunity to perform on stage to sold out audiences every June. every dancer at the Academy participates.

The Academy’s first performances occurred at the North Delta Senior Secondary auditorium, however after the Academy grew, a different venue was required. Flora Pigeau decided upon the beautiful Michael J. Fox Theatre located in Burnaby and the Academy has been performing there ever since.

In honour of Flora Pigeau, each year we perform her “Finale” at the end of each Show, complete with the same choreographic concept and music used when she first created it. This completes the evening, often bringing a feeling of nostalgia to our dancers, teachers, and audience members.

Our “Evening of Dance” now occurs over three evenings with each performance offering different, exciting, and award-winning choreography from the Central faculty and guest choreographers. We are proud to offer professional, organized, and impressive Shows that include all ages and dance disciplines. Audiences are blown away by the talent and leave genuinely entertained.

Please consider joining us on June 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2019 to enjoy our 43rd annual “Evening of Dance”. To buy tickets, please contact our office or visit https://www.vtixonline.com/.

For current students, visit the Student Handbook & Academy Calendar for further details.


Our Academy’s Competitive Program compete in various local competitions. Our philosophy is to show well prepared routines that engage and impress the audience.

During the season, our group dances compete two to three times and our individual competitions compete two to five times. Entering a small amount of competitions ensures our dancers can continue their regular training schedules as well as help families with the cost, travel, and time management required for competitions.

We are proud to have both our groups and individual competitors receive excellent results at competitions. Each year, we are proud to have dancers receive high marks, awards & trophies, as well as scholarship and cash awards. We have also received BC Provincial Dance Representatives in ballet, modern, and stage since 1987.

Our competition experience is positive and students support each other as well as fellow competitors. Sportsmanship is always emphasized back stage and in the audience. Dancers gain confidence while performing and inspiration from other dancers & adjudicators.

Some of our individual competitors also participate in international competitions including the prestigious Genee International Ballet Competition.

For current students, please visit the Student Handbook & Academy Calendar for further details.

Royal Academy of Dance Examinations

While the Central Dance Academy incorporates many styles of dance, we are proud to specialize in Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabi. The Royal Academy of Dance is an international organization founded in 1920 to set standards for dance education. Today, the RAD has a presence in 85 countries and approximately 14,000 members worldwide. Professional membership and training ensures there are highly qualified instructors that use their knowledge and expertise to train young dancers in the classical art form of ballet.

The RAD offers examinations as assessments for students to progress and achieve. Examinations allow students to work towards a goal as well as continue to push themselves through more and more difficult syllabi.

How Exams Work

At the Central Dance Academy, dancers are assessed by their instructors to evaluate if they are ready for their examination. If ready, the dancer is personally invited to take part in their Examination. While not everyone will be invited, the goal of the Academy is to have each student participate in the Examination. Even if a dancer does not participate, they will still move up to the next level and work towards participating in a future level.

Examinations require hard work and some additional practices to ensure the student is confident and fully ready to perform to the best of their ability.

Graded Examinations are for dancers in Primary to Ballet 5. These Exams occur at our studio and usually take place in the Spring. An international Examiner visits the studio and in small groups, dancers show their syllabus to the Examiner. All instructors stay out of the Exam room.

Vocational Exams are for dancers in Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2. These examinations occur at RAD examination venue (not our Academy) and take place at a variety of different times throughout the year.

The Solo Seal Examination is the final exam and requires the dancer to receive Distinction on their Advanced 2 Exam prior to registration. This prestigious exam takes place in the Spring and is open for viewing not only by 2 Examiners, but also to an audience.

After 6-8 weeks, each Graded & Vocational Exam candidate receives an evaluation and a breakdown of their result.

The Central Dance Academy is proud to have many successful Exam candidates each year from Primary to Solo Seal, with a very high percentage receiving the highest honour of Distinction.

Read more about the Royal Academy of Dance on their website at www.radcanada.org/.

Special Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Academy is often asked to perform at a variety of different events including community events & parades, local schools, private events, weddings, and Senior Care Facilities.

For more information or to inquire about our performances, please contact our office by phone or email.