Our Health & Safety Plan for COVID-19.  Learn More

Central Dance Academy’s Health & Safety Plan

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for our dancers and their families.
Your health and safety are our top priority and we have adjusted our 2020/21 season to accommodate these safety measures.
We have created a list of procedures to ensure our faculty and dancers follow British Columbia’s Health and Safety Regulations.
We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and ensure your young dancer understands them as well.



1. You must stay home if you or anyone in your family is exhibiting signs of Covid-19.
2. You must also notify the office immediately if you suspect or are investigating a case of Covid-19.
3. The windows will be kept open in the studio when possible.
○ Dancers: Please bring TIGHT layers that can be worn over dance attire if the weather is cold.
4. All dancers must sanitize or wash their hands before entering the studio. All surfaces will be wiped down
before and during classes.
○ Dancers: Please limit the surfaces you touch as much as possible.
5. Entering/Exiting: The front door will be kept open for 15 minutes prior to class to limit the hands on the
door. The front door will be kept open at the end of class for dancers to exit and not touch the door
handle. Students must enter/exit in a staggered fashion. Wait until someone has gone in/out for you to
enter, allowing only one person at a time. Keep your distance as you enter and exit.
6. Paper towels will continue to be used in the washroom. The garbage bin will be located outside the
washroom. Dancers must use their paper towel to open the washroom door to exit and then discard their
paper towel.
7. The change rooms will be off-limits. Please come dressed for class whenever possible.
8. Limit the items you bring to the studio to only essentials.
9. Areas will be taped off in the studio so students are spaced out correctly, allowing the proper distance
between dancers. This will also be taken into account when waiting or dancing. At all times, students must
practice physical distancing when at the studio.
10. Staff will not be in contact with students unless absolutely necessary. However due to the complexity of
dance, particularly ballet, if the teacher must make contact to help with placement, this will be done using
a mask, sanitized hands, and touching areas that are less likely to contract germs (i.e. covered feet).
11. A specific log will be kept of all people who enter the studio in order to track contact if needed.
12. No parents are permitted in the studio. Please contact the office if you require a meeting. Parent viewing
will still occur virtually over Zoom.
13. The public phone will only be permitted for emergency cases.
14. Feet should be covered at all times. This means wearing full tights or socks until shoes are on.
15. Dancers must leave after their classes and cannot stay at the studio. For younger dancers, you will be
greeted at the front door as well as escorted out one by one at the end of class.
16. No items can be kept at the studio.
17. For our Senior Division, a small towel must be brought into the studio to help with sweat.
#631 – 7789 134 Street, Surrey, BC 604.594.2132 centraldanceacademy.ca info@centraldanceacademy.ca


1. Students will be given designated spots while on break. These spots will maintain appropriate social
distancing. Students must stay in their spots.
2. When bringing food, please ensure you have a spot to put any garbage or food waste. There will be no
garbage supplied at the studio. All garbage needs to come home.
3. Students will need to bring a placemat or paper towel to put their food on while eating.
4. Younger students are encouraged to bring non-messy activities to keep themselves entertained during
their break. There are no activities or toys at the studio.


1. Studios will be sanitized and disinfected after each group of students have finished their class.
2. Teachers will sanitize their hands upon entry into a new studio and throughout the class.
3. Areas or props that are touched within the class will be sanitized.


1. All families will be requested to accept a new online waiver when registering. This waiver must be
accepted in order for your dancer to participate in class.
2. Students or teachers exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 related symptoms at the studio will be asked to
leave the studio. Parents will be notified and must be available for pick-up immediately.
3. All students will have the option to participate in class via zoom if they are not feeling well. Dancers must
be registered in the class to receive a zoom password/meeting ID.