Our Health & Safety Plan for COVID-19.  Learn More



  1. Hand sanitizer is provided at both entrances,and by each studio and bathroom. Students must sanitize upon entry and exit into each studio.
  2. Both bathrooms have liquid hand soap and single use paper towels.
  3. Non-medical face masks are required to enter the Academy. Face masks will be mandatory in all classes.  Appropriate breaks will be provided so students are able to catch their breath.
  4. Teachers will wear non-medical face masks at all times.
  5. Teachers will sanitize their hands before and after each class, as well as throughout the class.
  6. Teaching will be verbal to avoid contact with students.


  1. Unnecessary equipment and materials have been removed from common spaces and high traffic areas, such as Studio #2 and the main waiting areas.
  2. Signs have been posted on each studio to cap the number of people in each room.
  3. Markers have been placed on the floor to show where people should stand to allow for physical distancing.
  4. Areas at the barre and inside each studio have been taped out to show where dancers should stand to allow for physical distancing.
  5. Only students and teachers are allowed into the studio, and visitors are minimized.


  1. Only props and equipment that can be properly disinfected will be shared in classes. These props will be disinfected after each student touches them.
  2. Students have been asked to make and bring their own props for some classes to avoid sharing of these props.
  3. Teachers will sanitize their hands before handing out any props.


  1. The front doors, studio doors, and windows will be kept open at all times to avoid touching the handles, as well as increase ventilation.
  2. Change rooms are off limits, and students will keep their dance bags in class in their designated spots. These spots will be sanitized before the next group of students enter.
  3. Students must keep their belongings in their own dance bags.
  4. All payments must be made by pre-approved credit card or automatic withdrawal.  Cash and cheque payments are not preferred.
  5. Teachers are required to do a Covid-19 self assessment before they start their work day, as well as take their temperature.


  1. Classes have been scheduled to minimize breaks, to reduce waiting at the studio.
  2. Classes have been grouped together in cohorts to minimize contact with different people.
  3. Classes have been scheduled so students will move studios as least as possible.
  4. Attendances are thoroughly kept for any contact tracing purposes.


  1. Signs have been placed on the front doors to restrict access to anyone who is feeling ill or experiencing symptoms potentially related to Covid-19.
  2. Physical distance signs have been placed on the floor.
  3. Hand hygiene signs have been posted in the bathrooms and near sanitizing stations.
  4. Any studio updates pertaining to Covid-19 will be sent via email.


  1. All families will be requested to accept a new online waiver when registering.  This waiver must be
    accepted in order for your dancer to participate in class.
  2. Students or teachers exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 related symptoms at the studio will be asked to
    leave the studio.  Parents will be notified and must be available for pick-up immediately.
  3. All students will have the option to participate in class via zoom if they are not feeling well.  Dancers must be registered in the class to receive a zoom password/meeting ID.